Process task durations in a hospital billing process

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Ulster University
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Lingkai Yang
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Wed, 01/25/2023 - 07:17
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The data refer to times of payment from a hospital billing (HB) data set. The source data were collected from a hospital in the Netherlands over three years provided by Felix Mannhardt, Massimiliano de Leoni, Hajo A. Reijers and Wil M. P. van der Aalst in the paper with the title "Data-Driven Process Discovery - Revealing Conditional Infrequent Behavior from Event Logs". Based on the original data, duration data in four tasks are extracted for the analysis of patient patterns from a time perspective. The four tasks are New-FIN (N--F), Change Diagnosis-FIN (CD--F), CodeOK-Billed (CO--B) and CodeNotOK-Billed (CN--B).


The data is in .csv files with one column referring to the duration of different patients in a specific process task.

Users can load such data and monitor the distributions to investigate patient patterns.