Nonlinear dynamic models with uncertainties measured by fuzzy sets for radiator-heated buildings

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Xiaotong Xing
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Fri, 06/28/2024 - 07:29
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Dynamic models are indispensable for the optimization, prediction and control of thermal comfort in buildings.A new method is proposed for modeling the nonlinear dynamics of radiator-heated buildings and measuring modeluncertainties. The model uncertainty range obtained by the method can describe the uncertainties in the presence of model structure deviations and unknown noise distributions, without making restrictive assumptions that the noise follows a Gaussian distribution as in existing methods.



The uploaded dataset file includes an m file, a mat file, a Simulink model for a heating room, and five function files for genetic algorithms to estimate the optimal parameter vector.

The m-file can be opened and run with Matlab software and the m-file is loaded into the mat-file. The optimal parameter vector is estimated by genetic algorithms via running the program in the m file.