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Matthias Becker
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Thu, 02/14/2019 - 09:54
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Evidence-based guidelines have been proved to exhibit a positive impact on the quality of the treatment process. However, their influence on patient care remains limited. For the success and effectiveness of clinical guidelines, a fast and clear provision of knowledge at the point of care for all treating physicians is essential. A uniform formal representation is developed so that the knowledge extracted from the patient data is consistently presented at the human-machine interface. In order to represent the position of a patient on a clinical algorithm, the evidence-based knowledge from the guidelines must be linked to the patient-related data and visualized at the point of care. The goal is to automatically position a patient on a clinical path in order to derive a guideline-based therapy decision.


To be able to use the Guide2Treat software, please follow these steps:

1. Setting up the MySql database "guide2treat_test":
Import the Self-Contained File "Dump20190214.sql" to your MySQL Workbench. This database contains test data records to test the software. No root Passwort required

2. Run G2T.exe
The file defines which BPMN path is called per UMLS concept / ICD Code (is evaluated from the database patient-related).