Fake news data

Fake news data

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Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
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Na Li
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Fri, 03/22/2019 - 09:58
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This dataset provides a labeled fake news data, which can be used to have a deep study of fake news.


This dataset contains three files: Politifact_data, Facebook_data, and Twitter_data. The data in the file of Politifact_data is derived from the Politifact.com, and the data are labeled with fake news or true news. The data in Facebook_data, and Twitter_data are derived from Facebook and Twitter, and the data contains the public behaviors such as comments, likes and shares.  The Facebook_data and the Twitter_data are linked with the Politifact_data, since the posts in these three files may share the same terms such as ‘Title’ or ‘Url’.  So that, these three files can be analyzed under the same topic.

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