Cloud Manufacturing System Data

Cloud Manufacturing System Data

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Zhongjie Wang
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Mon, 12/16/2019 - 15:50
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Crane is a kind of common industrial equipments and is widely used in various fields. Chinese crane industry starts relatively later than abroad, but develops rapidly with the driving of metallurgy, energy, transportation and other basic industries. In recent years, the number of crane manufacturers has soared, and the total value of industry reaches record high. However, the scale and ability of crane manufacturing enterprises are different, manufacturing resources and capabilities are uneven distributed, and can not be shared effectively, resulting in resources insufficiency or serious waste. The ability of industry chain cooperation is low and the product integration is  also lower, so the crane enterprises can not quickly respond to the market, the product lacks of market competitiveness. For this issue, a cloud manufacturing platform is developed for crane industry.


In this platform, there are more than 6000 service providers and 18000 services of cranes. At most 3 levels of task decomposition are supported.

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