AMBA ASB Waveforms


AMBA specification defines protocol for Bus Architecture for data and control signals intercommunication among processors, memory and controller interfaces. Within a high-performance embedded system, multiple processors are fused to meet the specification of the design. Thus, a fitting Bus Architecture is to be implemented for efficient inter-communication of processors. Advanced System Bus is one such flavour of AMBA transfer protocols, designed for provision of communication of a modular system. This paper outlines the implementation of Advanced System Bus Architecture for a multi-master, multi-slave communication. The design fits in a protocol involving a set of masters to write or read data from a particular slave, wherein at a time only a single master is granted the Bus to perform the transaction.


The file 'wave.trn' has all dumped waveforms in it generated at simulation step by the Xilinx Vivado simulator.

License: Creative Commons Attribution


The file has waveforms dumped by the simulator.


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Citation Author(s):
Ankit Berde
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ankit berde
Last updated:
Thu, 07/12/2018 - 12:23
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