IEEE DataPort Provides More Insight for Problem Solving

List of Indexed Journal: Web of Science, Scopus and DOAJ 

By: Muhammad Sabirin Hadis, Informatics Engineering, STMIK AKBA

My dataset is a valuable resource for all researchers. It provides a compilation listing of reputable journals indexed by Scopus, Web of Science, and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) with metadata about each listed journal. Some of the metadata my collection includes:

  • Journal ID
  • Journal Name
  • Publisher Name
  • Publisher Address
  • Print ISSN
  • E-ISSN
  • Scope
  • Coverage Year
  • Status Level (e.g., top-level)
  • Cited Score
  • Languages

I had first created this dataset to help me select the most appropriate journals to submit my research to for publication and decided to share the dataset with others. With the information in this dataset, IEEE DataPort users can quickly and easily find the most appropriate journal for both research and publication.

Benefits of Using the IEEE DataPort Platform

The IEEE DataPort Platform provides comprehensive categorization that allows me to easily find the data I need to perform my research. It allows me to narrow the focus of my search to find exactly what I’m looking for. And best of all: the data is FREE to download! 

For members uploading datasets, IEEE DataPort offers an outstanding 2 TB of storage. In addition, it provides valuable insight and metrics for my dataset, such as number of views and rating. IEEE DataPort is a large and supportive community. With data competitions, you can get new insights from peers around the world for inclusive problem solving.