These datasets are part of Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data (CRAWDAD). CRAWDAD began in 2004 at Dartmouth College as a place to share wireless network data with the research community. Its purpose was to enable access to data from real networks and real mobile users at a time when collecting such data was challenging and expensive. The archive has continued to grow since its inception, and starting in summer 2022 is being housed on IEEE DataPort.

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The dartmouth/wardriving dataset (v. 2006-06-02)

Location-aware dataset for analyzing the errors in location estimates.


The authors collected the dataset through war driving, i.e., collecting Wi-Fi beacons by driving or walking around Dartmouth Campus, to understand the effect of using estimated AP locations.


MANET dataset of outdoor experments for comparing differnet routing algorithms.

This dataset contains outdoor runs of MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc network) routing algorithms to compare the performance of four different routing algorithms.

date/time of measurement start: 2003-10-17

date/time of measurement end: 2003-10-17


Measurement trace from wireless network at Dartmouth College.

This dataset includes measurement trace for over 450 access points and several thousand users at Dartmouth College.

last modified: 2006-11-14

version: 2004-08-05

reason for most recent change: Infocom 2004 trace is added.

short description: Two-year records showing the location (AP association) of each wireless card seen on campus.


Smartphones perform Wifi scans to adapt to the changing wireless environments causes by mobility. From network monitoring perspective, such scans provide a natural stream of network measurements from client's point of view. In order to see whether such measurements can provide new insights in monitoring large scale wireless networks, we collected the Wifi scan results data, together with other Wifi related logs, from the PhoneLab smartphone testbed over 5 months. All data are collected passively from the smartphones.

last modified: 2016-03-09