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Datasets & Competitions

We release MarsScapes, the first panorama dataset for Martian terrain understanding. The dataset contains 195 panoramas of Mars surface with fine-grained annotations for semantic and instance segmentation, facilitating high-level scene understanding of Martian landforms and further enhancing the navigability of rovers over rough terrains in large areas. Note: Limited by the file size, we temporarily submit the first half of MarsScapes (i.e. from 122_1 to 527_1) as a representative subset. All samples will be provided after our paper is accepted.



We release MarsData-V2, a rock segmentation dataset of real Martian scenes for the training of deep networks, extended from our previously published MarsData. The raw unlabeled RGB images of MarsData-V2 are from here, which were collected by a Mastcam camera of the Curiosity rover on Mars between August 2012 and November 2018.