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Nile University
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Tue, 07/20/2021 - 08:00
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Probe request frames

The sniffer was stationary. Data were obtained over 40 minutes. The sniffer arbitrates thru the 13 channels of the 802.11. The acquisition was done at the night with moderate traffic. Data was gathered from sniffing on WiFi networks in a public mall.

date/time of measurement start: 2021-06-04

date/time of measurement end: 2021-06-04



This dataset contains only the probe request frames.

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  • description: We captured the wifi data and filter it by the subframe type 04 to get the probe requests only.
  • measurement purpose: Positioning Systems

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Basem Abdulrahem, CRAWDAD dataset nile/probe‑requests (v. 2021‑06‑28),, Jun 2021.

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