Support Open Data Initiatives with IEEE DataPort

IEEE developed IEEE DataPort to provide a global data platform that fully supports Open Data initiatives and gives individuals and institutions the opportunity to manage, share, access and store research data indefinitely. Open Access datasets up to 2TB can be uploaded to IEEE DataPort through an easy-to-use web-based platform and all Open Access datasets are accessible at no cost to all IEEE DataPort users.  Members of institutional subscribers can upload Open Access datasets up to 10TB.  

In addition, all IEEE DataPort users can download Open Access datasets, access the datasets in the AWS S3 cloud, and copy, analyze, or use it for any other purpose under a CCBY license. Datasets in IEEE DataPort that are used must be cited of course and IEEE DataPort assists users by providing proper citations in multiple formats. 


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Institutions can join the IEEE DataPort community, support their Open Data initiatives, and provide an opportunity for all of their members, faculty, and researchers to upload datasets as Open Access. Become an institutional member today by clicking below.

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Uploading datasets as Open Access helps both individuals and institutions meet funding agency requirements and helps ensure compliance with data requirements to help secure future research funding Uploading Open Access datasets on IEEE DataPort also:

  • Supports research reproducibility
  • Facilitates discoverability
  • Accelerates research
  • Fosters innovation
  • Enables the data to be linked to a published paper
  • Helps gain citations for your research
  • Enables your ability to receive and share feedback with other researchers.

IEEE DataPort is committed to the IEEE mission of Advancing Technology for Humanity and you are supporting that mission when you upload datasets to IEEE DataPort on an Open Access basis.