Gain Citations using IEEE DataPort

Research data sharing is critical to scientific innovation, research acceleration and reproducibility. IEEE is committed to supporting the data sharing needs of the research community and developed IEEE DataPort as a solution for researchers in various disciplines to enable them to store, share, access, and manage their research data. 

Datasets, like manuscripts, are citable assets and IEEE DataPort can help researchers give and receive proper dataset citations. Datasets accessed on IEEE DataPort and used by others must of course be cited in accordance with citation guidelines, thereby giving proper credit to the original dataset owner. IEEE encourages the global technical community to use the datasets on IEEE DataPort and IEEE has implemented a citation function on IEEE DataPort to ensure proper citations are made. The “cite” button on each dataset page provides citations in several formats to make it easy for any user to properly cite the dataset used in a manuscript or research paper.  

IEEE DataPort is a platform where researchers can upload their datasets and gain additional citations for their valuable research. Click below to learn more or to upload your valuable datasets so you also can start to earn more citations. 

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