The Temperature and Speed Control Lab (TSC-Lab) is an application of feedback control with an ESP32, an LED, two heaters, two temperature sensors, one direct current motor and an optical encoder as a revolution per minute (rpm) meter. The heater power output is adjusted to maintain the desired temperature setpoint. Thermal energy from the heater is transferred by conduction, convection, and radiation to the temperature sensor.


The files must be downloaded and placed in the same folder so that they can be compiled in MATLAB, remember that these data were obtained in open loop for their respective identification of this system.

Temperature plant data:

  • In any data "dato.csv" the first column represents the temperature acquired by sensor 1, the second column the temperature acquired by sensor 2, third and fourth column represent the state of activation (1) or deactivation (0) of transistor 1 and 2, respectively.

DC motor speed plant data:

  • The motor speed control plant allows the engine RPM to be measured with the help of an optical echoder. The speed and direction of the motor is controlled through a motodriver.

Source code: