Data Preprocessing; Channel Models; Multipath Channels; Radiowave Propagation; Clustering Methods

These datasets contain the whitened data of the COST2100 channel model and consist of eight XLSX files namely: Indo_BI_LOS_Sing_white, Indo_B2_LOS_Sing_white, SemiUr_B1_LOS_Mult_white, SemiUr_B1_LOS_Sing_white, SemiUr_B1_NLOS_Sing_white, SemiUr_B2_LOS_Mult_white, SemiUr_B2_LOS_Sing_white, and SemiUr_B2_NLOS_Sing_white. Each XLSX file consists of 30 sheets. All the sheets contain different number of rows but the same number of columns.