Uploading Analysis Results

  1. After you have accessed the dataset and performed your analysis, you can go directly to the dataset for which you want to submit an analysis and hit the SUBMIT AN ANALYSIS button directly below the dataset image.
  2. To submit an analysis, enter the Metadata and Abstract for the analysis first.
    1. Meta Data:
      1. Required Fields:
        1. Title of Dataset
        2. Citation = name(s) of data author(s)
    2. Abstract
    3. Required Field
      1. Abstract Summary for Analysis
  3. Review Terms of Use using the link provided and indicated agree to IEEE DataPort Terms of Use by checking the box at the bottom of the either the Meta Data or Abstract page with the Analysis tab; your analysis cannot be uploaded until you agree to the IEEE DataPort Terms of Use.
  4. Hit SUBMIT ANALYSIS at the bottom of the page after all required Metadata, Abstract and inputs have been provided and the Terms of Use have been accepted.
  5. You will then see two pertinent tabs: ‘Scripts and Data’ and ‘Analysis’. In the ‘Scripts and Data’ tab you can select and upload test scripts or resultset files. In the ‘Analysis’ tab you can select and upload Analysis Documents and Data Visualizations. Multiple files can be uploaded as part of the submittal of an analysis.
  6. At bottom of page, click SUBMIT ANALYSIS to load the analysis files into IEEE DataPort and associated them with the selected dataset.
  7. Analyses submitted will be available when the specific dataset they pertain to is accessed.
  8. Congratulations – you now know how to access datasets and upload analyses for a particular dataset to IEEE DataPort! You can verify your analysis was uploaded by going to the home page, searching for your dataset and opening it!
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