What are the IEEE DataPort benefits to IEEE authors?

When IEEE journals and magazines are integrated with IEEE DataPort, the authors submitting articles to those journals and magazines will be provided the opportunity to upload their research dataset when they are uploading their article or manuscript.  The benefits received by authors include:

- Ability to automatically link research data to the research paper; dataset will be accessible to readers of the article if the article is published on IEEE Xplore.

- Increased global exposure to the research

- Potentially receive more citations because datasets, like papers, are citable assets; IEEE DataPort actually facilitates citations by providing properly formatted citations for each dataset.

- Long term storage (10 years +) of datasets up to 2TB at no cost.

- Enable research datasets to be accessible to others to facilitate research.

- Support research reproducibility

- Help meet funding agency requirements for data management by using IEEE DataPort.

Authors can upload data to IEEE DataPort before, during or after their paper is submitted.  Open Access option is available.  


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