Population Sample Artificially Generated


Test synthetic population produced with WEKA 3.8.

10000 samples generated from the weka.datagenerators.classifiers.classification.Agrawal generator, based on the paper by Agrawal et al.:
R. Agrawal, T. Imielinski, A. Swami (1993). Database Mining: A Performance Perspective. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering. 5(6):914-925. 
- salary: salary uniformly distributed from 20 000 to 150 000
- commission: commission salary > = 75000 * commission = 0 else uniformly distributed from 10000 to 75000
- age: age uniformly distributed from 20 to 80
- elevel: education level uniformly chosen from 0 to 4
- car: make of the car uniformly chosen form 1 to 20
- zipcode: zip code of the town uniformly chosen from 9 available zipcodes
- hvalue: value of the house uniformly distributed from 0.5k * 100000 to I .5k * 100000 where k ∈ {0 ... 9} depends on zipcode
- hyears: years house owned uniformly distributed from 1 to 30
- loan: total loan amount uniformly distributed from 0 to 500000


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Javier Sanchez-Medina
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Javier Sanchez-...
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Tue, 04/18/2017 - 11:30
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