Measurement trace from wireless network at Dartmouth College.

This dataset includes measurement trace for over 450 access points and several thousand users at Dartmouth College.

Dataset note: This dataset has multiple versions. The dataset file name(s) of the data associated with this version are listed below, under the 'Traceset' heading and can be downloaded under 'Dataset Files' on the right-hand side of the page.

The data associated with this version is: movement.tgz (from the dartmouth/campus/movement/infocom04 trace) size~"51 MB"


Dataset of network performance data collected with WiScape framework from three commercial cellular wireless networks.

last modified : 2012-08-03

release date : 2012-08-03

date/time of measurement start : 2008-03-13

date/time of measurement end : 2011-05-05


DASH and WebRTC video delivery over GENI WiMAX

This dataset describes measurements from Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) and WebRTC video services, collected over the GENI WiMAX networks at NYU-Poly and UMass Amherst. These measurements are meant to elucidate the experience of an individual user of these services who is moving at walking speeds through the coverage area of a typical cellular network.

date/time of measurement start: 2013-4-20

date/time of measurement end: 2013-10-15