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Research data is essential to advancing science and providing the ability to analyze, replicate, verify, and refine research results. In order to simplify the storage and management of research data and make datasets easily accessible to the global technical community, IEEE launched IEEE DataPort. This is a rapidly growing data platform with no more than 200,000 users that provides a single, trusted location to share and manage you research data.

In this webinar hosted on January 28, 2020 at 11 a.m. EST, we provided an overview of IEEE DataPort, discussed its features and benefits and how to get the most out of this research data platform. We also demonstrated how to search and upload datasets and share real-world examples from researchers who use this platform.

Topics Include:

Accessing datasets: We'll cover how to search more than 1,000 datasets from 25+ categories and industries to find exactly what you're looking for, how to contact dataset owners, and best practices for citing this research data.

Uploading datasets: We'll outline the process for uploading open access and standard datasets and how to take advantage of features such as cloud storage, linking to manuscripts, and citations to get the most from your dataset uploads based on your specific goals.

Use cases from researchers using the platform: We'll share a few examples of how researchers are using this platform to advance their research and discuss the benefits they are realizing from it.


Melissa Handa
Senior Program Manager
IEEE DataPort