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This data provides the traffic data transmission and reception at Wikipedia's six data centers (Eqiad, Codfw, Esams, Ulsfo, Eqsin, and Drmrs) in Wikitech. 

- Eqiad : Data center located in Ashburn, USA

- Codfw : Data Center in Carrollton, Texas, USA

- Esams : Data center located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- Ulsfo : Data Center located in San Francisco

- Eqsin : Data Center located in Singapore

- Drmrs : Data Center located in Marseille, France.


This Dataset used a non-invasive blood group prediction approach using deep learning. Rapid and meticulous prediction of blood type is a major step during medical emergency before supervising the red blood cell, platelet, and plasma transfusion. Any small mistake during transfer of blood can cause death. In conventional pathological assessment, the blood test is conducted using automated blood analyser; however, it results into time taking process.


This report presents an end-to-end methodology for collecting datasets to recognize handwritten English alphabets in the Indian context by utilizing Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) and leveraging the diversity present in the Indian writing style. The IMUs are utilized to capture the dynamic movement patterns associated with handwriting, enabling more accurate recognition of alphabets. The Indian context introduces various challenges due to the heterogeneity in writing styles across different regions and languages.


Gorakhpur is a city located in the north-eastern region of

Uttar Pradesh state of India. It is a sub-part of Purvanchal

region of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. In the south-western

part, Gorakhpur periphery spreads along Rapti river. In

the north-western region, Gorakhpur shares its periphery

with Chillua Tal. In the southern part, Ramgarh Tal with a

perimeter of 18 km is located.


Water Bodies:


+ Ramgarh Tal is a historically important heritage site and

is also a tourist attraction; spread over 700 hectares of


India is a sub-continent that stretches from Ladakh in

the North to Kanyakumari in the South and from

Gujrat in the West to Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland

and Manipur in the East. India is currently the

seventh largest country by land covering an area of

approximately 32,87,263 kms.


India's Space Strengths:

India is the fourth country in the world to have

destroyed a satellite of its own. India built the

record-breaking space capability of launching 104

satellites on a single Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle


This bearing datasets has high data quality and obvious fault characteristics, so it is a commonly used bearing fault diagnosis standard dataset. In this datasets, three unbalanced datasets under different loads are constructed to testify the recognition effect of the proposed method. The test bench is composed of 2HP (1.5KW) induction motor, fan end bearing, driver end bearing, torque translator and load motor. By using EDM technology, single point faults with different depths were machined on the inner race, outer race and rolling element of the test bearing.


The dataset referenced herein pertains to the robust framework we introduced in our scholarly article titled, "A Graph-Neural-Network-Powered Solver Framework for Graph Optimization Problems." This comprehensive dataset is categorized into three segments: training data, verification data, and test data. Each dataset plays an integral role in the functionality and optimization of the proposed framework. The training data aids in formulating the GNN model, the verification data is used for fine-tuning the model, and the test data assesses the model's performance in test scenarios.


Each data instance consists of a paragraph (context), a question, and 4 candidate answers. The goal of each system is to determine the most plausible answer to the question by reading the paragraph.

## Expected Output to Leaderboard
If you intend to submit to the leaderboard [here](, please follow the data format described on the that page. The prediction file should contain one label per line.