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Si-Lu Chen
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Thu, 01/16/2020 - 00:06
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The data is used to identify the deviation of kinematic parameters,train GPR model,record the geometric error and non-geometric error compensation result.


BD+GPR_training file:By using these data,we can get 320 residual error data after HCT+BD method is compensated. And they are used to train GPR model. 10-fold cross validation result of GPR model about x and z is obtained by using the data. we can see Figure13 and Figure14 in this paper.

Compensation results file:It expresses the compensation results in 8 test points when using four different calibration method. We can see Figure15 in this paper.

GPR_training file:By using these datas,we can get 320 error data after HCT method is compensated.

Identify_kinematic_parameter_deviation file:Using nonlinear least square method to minimize the difference  between modified position and actual position. We can get the deviation of kinematic parameters. And we can see Table 2 in this paper.


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