PPG Blood Pressure

PPG Blood Pressure

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Universitas Indonesia
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hendrana tjahjadi
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Wed, 09/11/2019 - 02:15
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A dataset collection program was written to obtain information about individual basic physiology, including collecting PPG waveform signals and detecting the instantaneous arterial BP at the same time. The table file contains aggregated subjects of physiological information and disease information. The information records include an identification (ID) number, sex, age, and disease. The dataset was collected from 219 adult subjects aged 21–86 years, as detailed in Fig. 10 [33]. Males accounted for 48% of the participants. During the signal acquisition, the sampling waveform was set to a sampling rate of 1 kHz, with a 12 bit analog-to-digital conversion precision.


The overall duration of the experiment was approximately 15 min. Data collection of the PPG signal and BP took approximately 3 min. Each data segment consisted of 2100 sampling points, which corresponded to 2.1 s of data. We divided the data into signal and label groups. The signals were a cell array consisting of a collection of PPG signals. The labels were an array of categories that contained the ground-truth labels from the signal. Then, we split the signal group into a training set to train the classifier and a testing set to test the accuracy of the classifier. During the data collection process, the data were evaluated using the PPG signal quality before it was saved


great, thanks, i plan to use in my research of modeling.

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