This dataset is in support of my 2 Research Papers.  This dataset is in support of my research paper     " initially submitted to IEEE 

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(1) This is an open access ,so everything  can be downloaded after login (free signup). You have to click on 'Title'.

(2) The folder 'Experimental' has recordings of Magnetic fields measured using  Magnetic Sensor,  mobile app(software) and mobile phone

  • Physical Magnetic Sensor(hardware)

                  Resolution of the sensor is 0.0976 uT

                  Maximum Range of the sensor : 3000.0044 uT

  • Physical orientation and angular velocity  Sensor  (hardware)

                        Resolution of the sensor is 0.0012216975 rad/s

                        Maximum Range of the sensor : 34.90549 rad/s

  •  Physical Proximity Sensor (hardware)

                          Resolution of the sensor : 1.0 cm 

                          Maximum Range of the sensor : 5.0 cm

  •  Physical Gravity Sensor (hardware)

                        Resolution of the sensor :  0.01 m/s2  & Maximum Range of the sensor :156.98999 m/s2

5gproof.zip has screenshots from wifi detection

Experimental Result   -    Lowest Recorded Reading : 11 uT

Highest Recorded Reading : 479 uT


Around 300 uT can be measured anywhere, if nearby has 5G equipment ( fluctuates to 50 uT then 111, then 200 , 286,  ...)    .   

Reading of 479 was measured, as few people were feeling unwell and when I checked, it was 420 uT, stationary and fluctuating to it around but that is not recorded.   So after some time, this was recorded.



(3) Zip do not contain simulation project folder.

(4)  The model used is given in  https://dx.doi.org/10.21227/9ab4-tv57.  But for this study, extra circuits has been added, details are given in the Paper.These are very elemenetary & easy for any degree holder,so not given.The parameters of 4g and 5g is in the paper ' '   . Pls contact university professor if any doubt.

(5) For  details like model block diagram, parameters, analysis, interpretation, mathematical formulae used to obtain these results etc. please refer "Transaction Paper".

(4) The folder Simulation_  is the data   of and has 8 subfolders


(3) The folder 'Simulation_4G' has folder

  • Heart
  • Ear
  • Tissue
  • Lungs

(4) The folder 'Simulation_5G' has 3  sub-folders

  • Low
  • Mid
  • High

(5) Each of the subfolder of 5G has folders


Script is uploaded on only IEEE Codeocean, pls. follow instructions in the capsule given in ReadMe.txt.  Capsule of IEEE Codeocean (Matlab, MIT License) is:

  • Code:


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