Deep Xi Training Set

Deep Xi Training Set

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Signal Processing Laboratory, Griffith University
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Aaron Nicolson
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Thu, 03/26/2020 - 01:19
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The clean-speech and noise recordings used to train Deep Xi ( A validation set is also included.


Clean speech:

The clean-speech recordings are from the test-clean-100 set of Librispeech ( and from the CSTR VCTK corpus ( (the recordings from speakers p232 and p257 are excluded as they are used in the test set of the DEMAND Voicebank dataset ( 



The noise recordings are from the Environmental Background Noise dataset (, the Nonspeech dataset (, the QUT-NOISE dataset (, multiple Freesound packs (, the noise set of the MUSAN corpus (, the RSG-10 noise database ( (voice babble, F16, and factory (welding) are excluded as they are used in the Deep Xi Test Set and the Test Set From 10.1016/J.SPECOM.2019.06.002) and the Urban Sound dataset ( (street music no. 26,270 is excluded as it is used in the Deep Xi Test Set and the Test Set From 10.1016/J.SPECOM.2019.06.002).


Note that the clean-speech and noise recordings used for this training set are separate from those used in the following test sets: Deep Xi Test Set, the Test Set From 10.1016/J.SPECOM.2019.06.002, and the DEMAND Voicebank test set (


The directories are pre-configured for Deep Xi, as seen here:

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