IEEE is pleased to introduce a new IEEE data service called IEEE DataPort (!  IEEE DataPort provides many benefits to IEEE members and is differentiated from other data platforms by the following:

  • Backed by IEEE - reputable and trusted
  • Multiple levels of security built in to protect your valuable datasets
  • Provides Digital Object Identify (DOI) automatically for each dataset and analysis deposited
  • Citations are formulated automatically and provided in multiple formats to IEEE DataPort users
  • Users can send email to dataset owners to provide feedback, make inquiries, collaborate, etc. 
  • Users can provide feedback to IEEE DataPort administrators on a specific dataset
  • IEEE DataPort allows the uploading of datasets at no cost to users
  • IEEE DataPort allows the uploading of dataset analysis results at no cost to users
  • IEEE DataPort can store datasets up to 2TB each and enable deposits of multiple data files
  • IEEE DataPort can host and facilitate Data Competitions
  • Users can store and link content related to the dataset - scripts, visualizations, related documentation
  • IEEE DataPort is fully integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to facilitate data analytics in the Cloud
  • IEEE DataPort offers an Open Access option for those IEEE members who need to make their datasets available to the public
  • IEEE DataPort will offer Individuals Subscriptions, Institutional Subscriptions and IEEE Society Subscriptions. 

IEEE DataPort has ramped up quickly and now has over 1.2M users and over 2500 datasets!  Go to the IEEE DataPort site ( and view the valuable capabilities it offers!  Three valuable services are offered:

1.  Uploading Datasets:  IEEE DataPort offers any logged in user the ability to upload a standard dataset up to 2TB at no cost ('standard' simply means the dataset does not have Open Access requirements).   Get a persistent DOI for your dataset and ensure that it will be accessible long-term!  In addition, for a limited time, we are offering coupon OPENACCESS1 if you need to upload an Open Access dataset and make it available to the public.

2.  Access Datasets:  Anyone who logs into the IEEE DataPort site with their IEEE login can view the metadata for all of the IEEE DataPort datasets and, for a limited time, we are offering you the opportunity to become an IEEE DataPort Subscriber at no cost which will give you direct access to all of the IEEE DataPort dataset files (use coupon code DATAPORT1).  Dataset files can be downloaded or accessed directly in AWS S3 storage! 

3.  Host a Data Competition:  Any IEEE member can host a Data Competition on IEEE DataPort and for a limited time this capability is available at no cost.  The site enables efficient management of the competition (establish time period, manage users, etc.) and the ability to have participants submit analysis results directly into IEEE DataPort for easy assessment and review. 

We welcome your usage of IEEE DataPort and believe that IEEE DataPort will be a valuable data repository that will meet your needs and the needs of all IEEE members now and into the future. Thank you very much!  If you have any questions or would like more information or a demonstration of IEEE DataPort, please contact Melissa Handa at  

Dr. K.J. Ray Liu
IEEE President Elect