What is the IEEE DataPort Beta Test Checklist?

IEEE DataPort Beta Test Checklist

  • Login with IEEE account
  • Subscribe to IEEE DataPort using Coupon Code
  • Upload Dataset (small and large)
  • Submit Metadata
  • Search using keyword
  • Submit a Script
  • Submit a Supporting Document (e.g. WORD or Excel document) related to a dataset
  • Submit an Analysis for a specific dataset
  • Use Thumbs Up button to record approval of a dataset
  • View datasets in specific categories
  • DOI assigned upon Dataset submittal
  • DOI assigned upon Data Analysis submittal
  • Ask a question via Contact Us at bottom of page
  • Forward IEEE DataPort link through social media
  • System limits dataset access to subscribers (only Abstract, Instructions and Metadata available without subscription)
  • Access dataset files directly in AWS S3 (subscribers only)
  • Download dataset files (subscribers only)
  • Send private email to owner of a specific dataset or analysis (logged-in users only)
  • Access AWS access keys (subscribers only)
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IEEE DataPort Subscriptions

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