IEEE DataPort Memo to IEEE Members September 2019

Dear IEEE Members,

IEEE is pleased to share an update on the status and success of IEEE DataPort™,  a new member benefit,  which is a valuable and easy-to-use IEEE data platform that provides all IEEE members with an opportunity to significantly enhance your research efforts.  

As of September 2019, IEEE DataPort has over 100,000 users and the platform hosts over 750 valuable datasets from researchers across the globe.  I invite each of you to explore the platform at to search for datasets and/or to upload your own valuable datasets.  All users are able to store datasets, make datasets accessible to others, manage research data, and access other researcher's datasets.  Most importantly, your contributions of datasets are citable, just like a paper.

Click here to go directly to IEEE DataPort!

Please remember that all users can upload and store datasets for free using IEEE DataPort™ and datasets uploads can be made independent of or in conjunction with your paper submission.   Datasets up to 2TB are accepted and will be stored indefinitely by IEEE DataPort.  More than 85 IEEE journals, including the 14 new IEEE Gold Open Access Journals, are fully integrated with IEEE DataPort so it is easy for authors to submit their research data when their article is being submitted.  

I want to thank all those who are already utilizing IEEE DataPort and I'd like to encourage all IEEE members to leverage this new member benefit to enhance your research efforts.  As an IEEE member, you are entitled to a FREE automatic subscription to IEEE DataPort, which provides access to all IEEE DataPort datasets.  You can login immediately using your IEEE ID. 

Login today at

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to the IEEE DataPort team by visiting or sending an email to

K. J. Ray Liu
Vice President - Technical Activities


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