Supplementary Material for the Paper: “VSG-Based Power Plant Control Using System Identification and Model-Matching Techniques”

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Andres E.
Juan M.
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Andres Leon
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Fri, 04/19/2024 - 16:41
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This report provides supplementary material and additional information to complement the data in the paper: “VSG-Based Power Plant Control Using System Identification and Model-Matching Techniques”. Abstract: This paper presents a control strategy for renewable power plants with converter-interfaced generation (CIG) units. Virtual synchronous generator control is used in CIG units to provide inertia and frequency support, and centralized control is proposed to achieve high-performance control of active and reactive power at the point of interconnection with the grid. The control strategy can handle different time delays in the power plant communication channels. The centralized control is an observer-based state-feedback controller designed using system identification and model-matching techniques. First, an identification method is applied to obtain a system model. Thus, models and data from commercial equipment used in non-conventional renewable power plants are not required for the control design. Then, a model-matching method is used to shape the transient response of the power delivered to the grid. This method improves the reference tracking performance and the response speed of the plant output power. The centralized control is formulated in the discrete-time domain to allow proper representation of time delays and direct digital implementation. The design methodology aims to improve the power control of non-conventional power plants and support the integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid.


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