RSRPSet: test dataset of the 16th CNGMCM

RSRPSet: test dataset of the 16th CNGMCM

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Yi Zheng
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Wed, 02/05/2020 - 11:59
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All data used for model evaluation and training are from the 16th Chinese National Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CNGMCM). The dataset is measured by HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD, which includes engineering parameter data, map data and RSRP label data of multiple communities. And the dataset used in this letter is from the public dataset of CNGMCM, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education's Degree and Graduate Education Development Center. The purpose of building the dataset is to find the mapping model between engineering parameters, geographical environment and RSRP, so as to quickly predict the RSRP value of a specific geographical location in the new environment.


ATTENTION: This is Not the orginal dataset of CNGMCM. The data have been Preprocessed. More detail please see "Received Signal Power Estimation by Using the Deep Learning Algorithm".


P.S.: Sorry for updating introduction and analysis of this dataset late, because I am in Wuhan and bother from the pneumonia caused by new coronavirus in our city.


The data set contains the relevant data of the fixed size test area in the cell. According to the different cell sizes, the larger the area is, the more the cell test points are, and vice versa. There are engineering parameter data of base station, map data, and RSRP label data for training in the original dataset. (Please see dataset_instuctions.pdf for details)

In this preprocessed dataset, according to the source of engineering parameters, the features are divided into common features (Com-features) and unique features (Uni-features). Com-features refer to the features only related to the base station, including carrier frequency (FB), transmission power (RSP), vertical dip angle (betaV) and base station tower top altitude (Hb). Uni-features refer to the features between test point and base station, including link distance (D), user antenna altitude (Huser), user grid building height (Hm), base station antenna and user antenna relative height difference (DeltaH), user grid and signal line relative height (deltaHv), user and base station horizontal distance (map_L), vertical projection angle (cosBeta), horizontal projection angle (cosAlpha), three-dimensional space angle (cosSita).


When files have been downloaded and unzipped (it will take a lot of time), 3 folders ---"N", "nonN" and "oneCell" should be found, where "N" means normalization.  "N" and "nonN" include 100 cells data with normalization or not. "oneCell" includes just 1 cell data for model testing.

You can use cmd with python3.5 and numpy:



to load .npy data and each file includes Com-features and Uni-features. Just like the table 6 in dataset_instuctions.pdf.

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