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NIT silchar
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Arvind Singh
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Sat, 10/02/2021 - 11:40
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Thermal drift is a significant problem in measurement technologies that leads to nonlinear behavior in sensors

and other measurement technologies. This research paper investigates the thermal drift problem and their remedial

measures in a current sensor implemented in distribution systems and industries. The conventional corrective actions

involve signal conditioning circuits, which are influenced by ambient temperature change. In the proposed method,

a similar approach of thermal drift correction involving a novel thermal sensor and amplitude modulated feedback

compensation circuit is discussed. The novelty of this paper lies in the design of a thermal sensor with improved zinc

oxide solution-based dielectric and a feedback compensation circuit with an amplitude modulation feature to enhance

the thermal sensor performance. Parameters of the proposed thermal sensors are arranged in the form of required

equations, and necessary mathematical models are derived to accurately predict the proposed model’s behavior. A

wire-wound Hall effect-based current sensor with a 0.681%/K thermal drift is considered for analysis with a proposed

feedback compensation circuit. Finally, it is experimentally found that, with the implementation of the proposed thermal

drift reduction circuit involving the novel thermal sensor design, the thermal drift of the current sensor is reduced down

to 0.000143%/K in the temperature range of 293K to 403K.


Mathematical derivation for equation 1


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