This data package is provided as supplementary material of the paper:

“A GPU Approach to Efficiently Reusing Constraint Proofs”, by M. Chen, G. Denaro and M. Pezzè, 

submitted for evaluation to IEEE Transactions on software engineering, Nov. 2019.




The data package consists of 24 files:

- a file named _README.txt: this file

- a file named _programs.txt

- 22 files named <program_name>.sexpr


Dataset Files

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File _README.txt958 bytes
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T1 - Parallel ReCal Supplementary material
AU - Giovanni Denaro
PY - 2019
PB - IEEE Dataport
UR - 10.21227/hwxc-cf61
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Giovanni Denaro. (2019). Parallel ReCal Supplementary material. IEEE Dataport. http://dx.doi.org/10.21227/hwxc-cf61
Giovanni Denaro, 2019. Parallel ReCal Supplementary material. Available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.21227/hwxc-cf61.
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