N-S separated 1994–2008 Ulysses data of polar (fast) solar winds for detection of the Sun global Alfven resonance, hourly averaged

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North/South-separated <10nT magnetometer data from the 1994-2008 Ulysses space mission's samplings of polar (fast) solar winds, hourly averaged, non-decimated. The set also includes data from the WIND space mission, the WSO terrestrial observatory (solar Mean Magnetic Field), and the WSO solar Polar magnetic Field, all used in the same research project.


Data for: Omerbashich, M. (2022) Sun global Alfvén resonance from decade-scale dynamics of N–S separated fast solar wind.

- The data are daily averages, except for Ulysses for which data are hourly averages (not decimated).
- Time series have different (arbitrary) temporal datums per data source (WSO MMF, WSO PF, ULYSSES, WIND).
- NS-combined and respective N- and S-separated time series have a common origin.