Costas arrays and enumeration to order 1030

Costas arrays are permutation matrices that meet the added Costas condition that, when used as a frequency-hop scheme, allow at most one time-and-frequency-offset signal bin to overlap another.  Databases to various orders have been available for many years.  Here we have a database that is far more extensive than any available before it.  A very powerful and easy-to-use Windows utility with a GUI accompanies the database.


Download the file GetStarted.zip.  This file contains the Instructions as a PDF file, the extraction and analysis utility in its own ZIP file, and several information files includign an enumeration database in an Excel file.


Unpack this file in a folder that you want to be the location of your Costas array database.  Be sure and unpack subfolders, so that you dee subfolders /Searches and /Generated when you are done.  Folder /Searches contains all Costas arrays to order 29, and folder /Generated contains all generated Costas arrays to order 100.  The file Read_CA_Database_00.zip contains the extraction and analysis utility.  It may be extracted in-place or, if the database is on a network drive or other location inconvenient for DLLs, in its own folder anywhere on a local drive such as your C:\ drive.  See the Instructions PDF for details.


Then, as you need them, add these files:
CA_Database_101-200.zip        More data for /Generated folder
CA_Database_201-300.zip        More data for /Generated folder
CA_Database_301-400.zip        More data for /Generated folder
CA_Database_401-500.zip        More data for /Generated folder
CA_Database_501-600.zip        More data for /Generated folder
CA_Database_601-700.zip        More data for /Generated folder
CA_Database_701-800.zip        More data for /Generated folder
CA_Database_801-900.zip        More data for /Generated folder
CA_Database_901-950.zip       More data for /Generated folder

CA_Database_951-1000.zip    More data for /Generated folder
CA_Database_1001-1030.zip    More data for /Generated folder


This is a file that was produced by the extraction/analysis utility
FrHop_LUB_Database.zip        Frequency hop LUB list; useful with PLL-based waveform generators


For further information, see the file Costas Arrays to Order 1030 INSTRUCTIONS.pdf

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James K Beard
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