Health Timeline Insight-based Dataset


Electronic Health Records and clinical longitudinal data have been visualized in a wide range of applications to assist the understanding of the status and evolution of patients. Few studies have objectively assessed these applications. We utilized the insights-based method to objectively assess the effectiveness of an application that visualizes longitudinal data from the Australian national electronic health record. Five professional psychiatrists took part in the assessment study. The participants were shown separately de-identified patient data in the timeline visualization application and in a tabular representation as the control condition.

The timeline visualization assisted the professionals to identify more complex patterns and to derive insights with significantly higher value in a shorter time. However, the participants took more time to derive medium to low level insights with the timeline visualization compared to the tabular representation. The insight-based assessment could be used in future research to methodologically and consistently compare different approaches to clinical data visualizations.

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Andres Ledesma
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Andres Ledesma
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Mon, 10/16/2017 - 07:30
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