Dataset malware/beningn permissions Android


This dataset is a result of my research production into machine learning in android security. The data was obtained by a process that consisted to map a binary vector of permissions used for each application analyzed {1=used, 0=no used}. Moreover, the samples of malware/benign were devided by "Type"; 1 malware and 0 non-malware.

When I did my research, the datasets of malware and benign Android applications were not available, then I give to the community a part of my research results for the future works.

If your papers or articles use our dataset, please cite our COLCOM 2016 paper as follows.

Urcuqui, C., & Navarro, A. (2016, April). Machine learning classifiers for android malware analysis. In Communications and Computing (COLCOM), 2016 IEEE Colombian Conference on (pp. 1-6). IEEE.



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Dataset Details

Citation Author(s):
Christian Urcuqui, Andres Navarro
Submitted by:
Christian Urcuqui
Last updated:
Thu, 11/17/2016 - 10:43
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T1 - Dataset malware/beningn permissions Android
AU - Christian Urcuqui; Andres Navarro
PY - 2016
PB - IEEE Dataport
UR - 10.21227/H26P4M
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